Cancer Treatment Center in Okeechobee, FL

Physician Access

You will have the confidence and comfort knowing that you have direct access to your Physician 24/7 to help you deal with your cancer care.

Physician Network

Our years of experience has allowed us to identify dozens of physicians and facilities locally, regionally and nationally, who are uniquely qualified in the ever growing complexity of cancer care. We can assist you in putting together the right network of experts with your personal care in mind. That individualized network will allow you to receive the best care possible.

Informational Resources

Our team is a resource for cancer education in the Okeechobee, Florida community. We can help you navigate the complex health care system so that you spend your time healing from your cancer rather than dealing with the frustration of trying to navigate the healthcare system alone.

Helpful Links

To keep our patients well informed, we have compiled some helpful links and informational websites.

Have a question regarding treatment or our services? Give us a call at 863-467-9500 for a 15 minute, no obligation information session with the Doctor.